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Welcome to American Animal Care Center Boarding Facilities!
In case of illness or injury, I , undersigned, do hereby, give my consent for the doctors of American Animal Care Center to treat, perscribe for, or operate upon my pet(s) while they are boarded at the American Animal Care Center.

They are to use all reasonable precautions against illness, injury, or escape of my pet(s), but they will not be held liable or responsible in any manner whatever, under any circumstances, on account of the care, treatment, or safe keeping of my pet(s), as it is throughly understood that I assume all risks.

Should the circumstances arise that my pet(s) remain unclaimed after the date, which I have stated as the pick-up, I understand that written notice will be mailed to the address below. Seven days after such written notice the pet(s) will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of, or destroyed, as you deem best. It is further understood that such action will not relieve me from paying all costs of your services and the use of your hospital, including the cost of the boarding serivce.

Physical examination by a veterinarian is recommended at a charge of an office visit. Boarding pet(s) will not be examined by a doctor unless mentioned by owner or technician. Because pets are in a different environment, they may soil themselves or their surroundings, the hospital will bathe pet(s) if this happens.

All dogs should be vaccinated against *DHLPP *Corona *Bordetella *Rabies
All cats should be vaccinated against *FVRCP *FELV *Bordetella *Rabies
*Proof Of current Vaccinations Are Mandatory. Checked By: _________

Pick Up Days and Times:
*Monday to Friday- 8:00Am- * Saturdays and Sundays- 8:00Am- 5:30PM
* Check out time is 12:00PM. Pets picked up after 12:00Pm will be charged extra day(s).

NOTE:AACC does not accept any belongings and will not be responsible for the loss and damage of any items left here(bedding,blankets,toys,leashes,etc.)

FRONTLINE SPRAY for fleas is MANDATORY for all pets boarding. COST: $1.00
I have read, uderstand and agree to the boarding policies.

_____________________________       ______________________       _______________
Signature of Owner/representative          Emergency Phone Number         Date

_________ Days @ $ _______________ = ____________
Date of Boarding: _____________       Date of Pick Up: ______________AM/PM
Amount Paid: _____________              Balance Due: _____________

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