1. Receptionists
2. Veterinary Assistants/Technicians

Current Positions:

Receptionists Wanted - Full Time/Part Time Receptionists with excellent communication skills and compassion with animals. Experience preferred, call (510) 791-0464 for more information.

Veterinary Assistants/Technicians Wanted - Full Time Technicians with excellent communication skills and compassion with animals. License preferred, call (510) 791-0464 for more infor

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Associate Veterinarian:

Provide professional care to small animal patients such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and rodents. Responsible for client/patient communication, giving diagnostic information, making diagnoses, prescribing treatments dispensing prescriptions, ordering laboratory tests, performing surgeries ranging from basic spay/neuters to advanced exploratory surgeries. Supervise support personnel diagnoses and client communications to assist the client in doing what is best for the pet. Advocate proper care of the pets. Must have excellent communication skills. Counsel clients during grief and help them make the appropriate decision when euthanasia is required. Must be able to perform c-section, cystotomy, exploratories, and other advanced procedures.


1. Must have DVM degree or equivalent
2. Must be California licensed to practice veterinary medicine
3. Must be able to work various hours at a busy veterinary hospital
4. Must be flexible with work schedule as it may change

Mail resume to:
American Animal Hospital
37177 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536

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