American Animal Care Center offers the community a very unique service.Some of these services are listed here:

Preventive Care Behavior Counselling
Emergency Care Nutritional Counselling
Internal Medicine Pet Hotel/Boarding
Oncology Grooming
Surgery Exotic Animal Care
Radiology Dental Care/Pet Dentistry
Ultrasonography On-Site Pharmacy
Clinical On-Site Laboratory Pet Supplies
Allergy & Skin Care Humane Euthanasia

Preventive Care
Total Pet Health care includes:
Comprehensive examinations from knowledgeable veterinarians. All pets should be examined yearly, except for senior pets who should be examined every six months. Please download this informative wellness checklist. (requires Adobe Acrobat)
Complete preventative care for dogs,cats,birds,rabbits,rodents,
Guinea Pigs and exotics.
Low cost Vaccinations
Ultimate Puppy Package
Ultimate Kitten Package
Internal parasite checks and deworming
Heartworm Testing and Heartworm Prevention
FeLV & FIV Testing (download brochure click here)
Heartworms in Cats
Flea control for Dogs
Flea control for Cats
Complete pet dental facilities for Teeth scaling and polishing.
Senior pet care and longevity medicines.
Low cost Spay/Neuter Programs.
Post Operative Care
Emergency Care
We are a Emergency and Critical care center. We handle countless emergencies every year. Many are genuine life-or-death cases: the dog or cat poisoned by rat poison, the pet hit by a car, the pet having an epileptic seizure, those in heart failure or in a diabetic crisis, or the pregnant dog or cat with a puppy or kitten stuck in the birth canal are just a few examples.
Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
Advanced Medical, Surgical and diagnostic services.
Please call ahead for emergencies. (Doctor on premises untill 11:00 p.m. and on call after hours)
Advanced Equipment for Nursing Care includes:
Intensive Care Unit – Our Intensive Care Units (ICU) is where emergency, critical cases, and post-surgical cases are monitored. The ICU is adjacent to the main treatment center so that your pet is in constant supervision. Each room has its own oxygen supply, exhaust, and fresh air supply.
Blood Transfusions – When immediate replacement of blood is needed, we are able to administer blood. We also use Oxyglobin, the world’s first blood substitute , which is now readily available to our patients.
CRITICAL CASE MONITORING EQUIPMENT allows us to track our patient’s vital signs allowing us to smoothly adjust therapy to keep pace with a patient’s changing health status. Our equipment includes blood pressure monitors, heart monitors, and blood oxygen monitors.
STAT BLOOD TESTING : Complete laboratory facilities including complete blood cell count, biochemistry profile, electrolytes, cytology, blood gases, EKG, pulse oximetery and blood pressure monitoring.
Internal Medicine
We have the expertise to diagnose and treat almost all internal medicine cases:
Respiratory and Cardiac(heart) diseases
Gastroenterology(Vomiting and Diarrhea) and Endoscopy.
Neurological Diseases - Intervertebral Disc Diseases, Spondylosis, neuropathies, and many more.
Endocrine Diseases - Diabetes, Hypothyroid, Hyperthyroid, Cushing Disease.
  Joint & Skeletal Disorders - Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, others
  Infectious Diseases - aggressive diagnostics and treatments for effective resolution.
  Immunology & Diseases of Blood Disorders
Reproductive & Pregnancy Diagnosis and Evaluation- Ultrasonography, Artifical Insemination, Reproductive diagnostics
Liver & Spleen Diseases and Management.
Nephrology-Kidney Disease, UTI, and Urolithiases(stones).

One of the devastating diagnoses a pet owner can receive is that their pet has cancer. We have special interest and expertise in administering Chemotherapy to pets. We are devoted to providing comprehensive cancer care for companion animals (dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) through a partnership with board-certified specialists in Oncology.

Fortunately, the adverse effects of chemotherapy are less severe and better tolerated in dogs and cats than in people. We understand the special relationship you share with your pet, and will help guide your decisions about treatment options and quality-of-life issues.

We are presently treating several pets with Chemotherapy and their owners are reporting a very high quality of life and are extremely satisfied with their pet's treatment.
Surgery - Safe Anesthesia
General and Specialist Surgery:
Our approach to surgery is simple ? provide the patient with the best care possible.
Our two surgery suites (a dual surgery room and a single surgery room) are equipped with state-of-the-art anesthetics and monitoring equipment. Most of our surgeries are performed by our staff veterinarians. In addition, Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeons with advanced training come in to perform unusual or complex surgeries when needed.
Our doctors and staff at take our responsibilities in surgery seriously and we take every safety precaution possible during all procedures. Our new surgery suites provides us with highly advanced anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring, and a heated surgical table. We use equipment and supplies that are generally found in high-quality human hospitals.
Our Doctors are highly-trained professionals and are excellent surgeons.

Typical Surgeries performed at American Animal Care Center include:

  • Exploratory Abdominal Surgeries Fracture repairs
  • Orthopedic surgeries-Bone Plating, TPLO, ACL rupture repair, Bone Pinning, Joint Reconstruction, & Complicated Fracture repair
  • Surgery or the Liver, Kidney, or Spleen Removal of bladder stones
  • Stomach & Intestinal surgery to remove foreign objects or Tumors Spays, Neuters, & Declawing Cosmetic Ear Cropping, Tail Docking & many more.


Safe Anesthesia and monitoring
Modern Surgical facilities, equipment, and techniques.
We recommend Pre-Operative blood test and IV Catheter and Fluids during surgery.
Low cost Spay/Neuter programs.
Pets feel pain too! Safe and effective Pain Control Medication is available for your pets.
Specialist services available - we work closely with several specialists to arrange affordable surgery for your pet.
Click here for surgery admissions page and email us for more information about any surgery not listed here or to request additional information.

Please email our office for any specific questions about surgeries not listed here.
Complete X-Ray Facilities:
Advanced Radiographic Equipments and Techniques.
OFA Exams for Hip Dysplasia.
Specialty Radiologist Services:
We work closely with prominent Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists to ensure your pet gets the best care.


The use of ultrasound allows us to diagnose various cardiac and abdominal conditions non-invasively, with minimal patient stress and discomfort even pregnancy diagnosis!

Ultrasonography availabe for Echocardiography (Heart Ultrasound), Abdominal Examinations (for Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Lymph Nodes, bladder, Intestines, Stomach, Colon, and abdominal masses), & Pregnancy diagnosis.
We feature the best ultrasonography equipment available to general practioners.

We have special experitise in Non-Invasive Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspirates & Biopsies. This service can minimize pain and risk to your pets health. Infact, many local hospitals refer their pets to us for Ultrasonography!
Dr. Salwan has taken one month of advanced training at UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine and has taken many continuing education courses since then. Dr. Salwan performs many ultrasound scans per day.

Clinical On-Site Laboratory

Clinical Onsite Laboratory

Our in-house clinical laboratory is another department of the hospital that runs at all hours. Routine pre-anesthetic blood tests are performed here on the same day as surgery.

These tests can be performed within minutes of the time a pet is admitted to the hospital, saving valuable time in emergency situations

We also perform many of our blood, urine, and fecal tests in order to diagnose and monitor many conditions such as:

Liver, Kidney, & other system problems
Infections by Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungi
Blood disorders like anemia
Hormonal imbalances such as Diabetes & Cushings Disease
Urinary & Digestive Disorders


Allergy & Skin Care
Our doctors have a special interest and expertise in skin care.
Allergy Testing
Management of Ear Diseases, Chronic and Acute.
Management of Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Food Allergy, and Environmental Allergies.
Treatment for Ringworm(Dermatophytosis), Bacterial Infections, Fungal Infection, and Hormonal(endocrine) Diseases.
Treatment for Skin Mites-Demodex, Sarcoptes..etc.
Hyposensitization(Immunotherapy) Injections.
Behavior Counselling
We offer behavior consultation for your pet:
Aggressive behavior
House Soiling/Marking behavior
Separation Anxiety
Puppy Socialization and Training.
Nutritional Counselling
You are what you eat!
We help you pick the best foods for your pet. A proper diet will help your prolong your pet's life.
We sell the highest quality pet food:
Waltham®, Hills®, Purina®, Prescription Diets, Iams®
Pet Hotel/Boarding
Whether going on a small trip or long, Nobody takes better care of your pet than us!
Veterinary Supervised Boarding. Technicians on duty 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Clean, comfortable facilities in air-conditioned/heated environment. All pets housed in clean, modern, kennels.

  • Luxury Runs for dogs.
  • Cat Condos separate from dog Boarding
We give you peace of mind that your pet will be properly cared for in a safe and happy environment.
American Animal Care Center pledge: Veterinarians available for your pet's well being all day! Veterinarians from American Animal Care Center on-site during hospital hours in case of emergency and on-call after hours.
All Team members fully trained to take care of your pets needs and give lots of love!
Click here to go to our Boarding page.
Grooming & Bathing:
High quality medicated, grooming and Flea Baths at affordable prices.
Basic Dematting, Body Shaves, Cosmetic Shave, and Pedicure.
Professional Grooming at Affordable Prices
Click here to go to our Grooming page.
Exotic Animal Care
Complete Pet Health Care for:
Rats, Mice, and Hamsters-We are a recommended vet on the Rat Report!
Avian(Birds). We are a member of American Avian Veterinary Association
Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.
Some Exotics!
Dental Care/ Pet Dentistry
Pets have teeth too!
Dental Care plays an important role in your pet's health, just as it does for you.
Our state of the art dental suite allows our veterinarians to perform a wide range of services such as dental radiographs, extractions, braces, root canals and much more.

Dental Specialist Available!
On-Site Pharmacy

Our Pet Pharmacy is fully stocked with all of the medications your pet may ever need! We also carry Advantage, Frontline Plus, Revolution, Sentinel, Heartgard Plus, Interceptor, Program, & Capstar. To refill your pet's medications please click here.
Pet Supplies
We feature the highest quality pet supplies at guaranteed lowest prices!
Flea Control : Advantage®, Frontline®, Revolution®, Program®, Sentinel®.
We carry the highest quality prescription diets & Science Diets. These diets are designed to manage your pet's health in top condition. In certain cases, we prescribe these diets for specific conditions. Click on the following icons to learn more about these pet foods.
Pet Supplies and Treats.
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